Storage Shed Construction

storage shed

Storage Shed Construction

Not only are storage sheds still the best way to clean out that garage, put up all that lawn equipment or simply get a little space back in an overcrowded house, portable storage buildings can be put to many more uses.

Of the thousands of buildings McMahon Construction has built most are used for storage but many others have specific purposes. We've built artist studios, hunting cabins, store front shops, offices, she-sheds, and so much more. The possibilities are endless!

*Unfortunately, the COVID-19 crisis has caused unprecedented price increases in the lumber industry. We have been forced to adjust our pricing to continue to provide quality materials during this time. Contact us for up to date information on our pricing and timelines. We are grateful to our customers for their patience during this trying time.*

All Sheds Come Standard With:

1 Foot on Center 2x6 Pressure Treated Floor Joists on

4x4 Runners

¾ Inch Thick Pressure Treated Plywood Floor Decking

2x4 Walls 16 Inches on Center

25 Year Asphalt Shingles Felt

24 Inch on Center Rafters

Locking Handle

6 Foot Piano Hinge on Doors for Extra Strength

4, 5 or 6 Foot Wide Double Doors

Leveling up to 2 ½ Feet Included

Gable Vents

Deluxe Models Also Include:

2 24x36 Inch Vinyl Double Hung Windows

Let in light and ventilation and make it more attractive)*

4 Foot Wide Loft Spanning the Width of Building (Add extra storage)

2 Foot Wide Workbench Spanning the Width of Building (Add extra workspace)

6 Foot Long Ramp x Width of Doors

(Make it easy to get the lawn mower, bicycles, motorcycles or just a dolly into the building)

2 4x8 Foot Sheets of Peg Board (Make it easy to organize all your tools)

Ridge Vent (Add extra ventilation)


(You don't have to spend the first weekend getting your new building ready!)

Compare McMahon Construction's Sheds to the "Big Box" Stores

Feature "Big Box Stores" McMahon Deluxe Sheds
12 Inch on Center Pressure Treated Floor System
Extra Charge, If Available
3/4 Inch Pressure Treated Floor Plywood
Extra Charge, If Available
Time from Order to Completion
4 - 12 Weeks
Extra Charge
Extra Charge
Ridge Vent
Extra Charge
Paint, Caulk, Putty
Extra Charge, If Available
Extra Charge
Debris Removal
Some Charge Extra
16 Inch On-center Walls
Some Charge Extra
Delivery and Installation
Some Charge Extra

Gable Roof shed prices

Gable Roof Shed Prices Standard Model Big Box Equiv. Deluxe Model Big Box Equiv.
10x12 $5103 $6781 $7215
10x16 $6285 $8050 $8337 $9630
10x20 $7524 $9657 $9576 $11692
12x12 $5996 $7688 $8048 $9479
12x16 $7290 $8973 $9342 $11199
12x20 $8528 $10636 $10820 $12406
16x16 $9150 $12606 $11442 $15177
16x20 $11308 $14824 $13720 $16555

Barn Roof Prices

Barn Roof Shed Prices Standard Model Big Box Equiv. Deluxe Model Big Box Equiv.
10x12 (6' wall) $4225 $5149 $6277* $6427
10x16 (6' wall) $6285 $6357 $7305* $7449
12x12 (6' wall) $5559 $6591 $7611* $8091
12x16 (6' wall) $6272 $7664 $8324* $8744
12x20 (6' wall) $6920 $8408 $9212* $9572
12x12 (8' wall) $6966 $8192 $9006 $9955
12x16 (8' wall) $7776 $9620 $9828 $11302
12x20 (8' wall) $8958 $11884 $11250 $13428
a window with trees outside

We can add Extra Additions!

Other sizes available too.

Extra Additions
  • Windows- $250 each
  • Loft 4 Foot x Width- $250
  • Workbench 2 Foot Wide- $150
  • 6 Foot Heavy Duty Ramp- $200
  • Ridge Vent - $125
  • Peg Board- $60 each 4x8 Foot Sheet
  • Concrete Floors
  • Shed Roofs
  • Other Roofing Materials
  • Lattice Around Base of Building
  • Hardiplank Siding
  • Steeper Roof Pitches
  • Custom Shelving
  • Satisfy Your HOA Covenants
  • Anything Else You Can Dream Of
* Pricing depends on specific circumstances of your building. All prices are subject to change without prior notice. McMahon Construction is not responsible for any typographical or pricing errors that may occur on this website.

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